The Magic of Meadowfoam Seed Oil

meadowfoam seeds
The Value of Limnanthes Alba
(The Meadowfoam Seed)


We strive to bring only the best of what nature has to offer At Koduah & Co. We understand that cutting corners, although for some can be cost effective, it is not the always the best for choice for consumers. We were very intentional about the ingredients we choose. We only get one body in our lifetime and we should care for it to the best of our abilities.

Treating yourself to quality products may seem like a luxury for some, but it is a radical necessity. Today, we are sharing one of the gems we found in our search for quality ingredients. I, like many consumers out there, have very sensitive skin. There are so many variables as to why that is: stress, genes, our environment, what we eat & even the products mainstream media & medicine tells us is the best for us.

Meadowfoam is a winter annual native to Northern California, British Columbia, and Vancouver Island.

Limnanthes Alba (meadowfoam) seed oil is a non-fragrant, edible plant oil originally developed as an agricultural crop in the 1950s. This plant oil is exceedingly stable because it is primarily composed of long chain fatty acids, the type most resistant to rancidity when exposed to oxygen. Among plant oils, meadowfoam has the highest concentration (95%) of these highly stable fatty acids, making it a valuable addition to products that would otherwise be prone to spoiling quickly. - Paula Choice

Thank goodness for it, because one of the major reasons why we choose to work with meadowfoam seed oil is, because it's highly stable and works well with other carrier oils.

  • Emollient - this was an absolute necessity when we ere are creating products for your consumers. The last thing anyone wants is to have a valued customer have an adverse experience to your product. Remember this is an investment, not just for yourself, but you owe it to your future customers who will remain loyal, because they believe you are a brand they can trust.

  • Fast Absorbing - Depending where you live time is not always a luxury that is gifted to us. There are so many aspects to our lives that can keep us busy, but it doesn't mean you should have to compromise your skin routine to get your life tasks done. Your skin is going to just eat up this lovely fast absorbing treat & help you take your time back so you can still love up on YOU.

  • Locks in Moisture - Have hydrated skin like a goddess & god. This gem locks in moisture. It has worked wonders for my skin. Normally, my skin soaks up products and then feels dry and itchy soon after. Since the introduction of meadowfoam seed oil, my skin stays moisturized all day long. The best part is I don't have to over apply the product which means our 4 oz. jars can go a long way.

  • Rich in Vitamin E - Healing & calming for our skin. With consistency and care you are going to see how your body begins to reward you with natural feeling smooth skin & glow.

At Koduah & Co Skincare we created this lovely bundle prioritizing those with sensitive skin in mind. We hope that you enjoy & fall in love with Sylvia, Nala & Femi as much as we have.

Please note that if you have a nut allergy we don't recommend you purchasing these products. We recommend consulting with a physician first. We are working hard to find an equally stable sister oil so you don't have to miss out on all the future treats we will be coming out with.


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