Have You Heard About Baobab Oil?

Adansonia digitata - The Tree of Life
The scientific name for the baobab tree is Adansonia digitata, but in Africa it is known as 'The Tree of Life'. The baobab is a beautiful prehistoric species which predates mankind over 200 million years ago. It is said that it can grow to be as old as 3,000 years. It is native to the African savannah where the climate is extremely dry, although being a succulent, it absorbs and stores water in its vast trunk during the rainy season enabling it to produce a nutrient-dense fruit in the dry season when all around is dry and arid.
The fruit produced from the baobab tree can carry up to 150+ seeds inside. It is from these priceless jewels that baobab oil is made. Being rich in omega-3 fatty acids, baobab oil has several benefits:
  • Great for locking in moisture
  • Helps to prevent water loss from the skin
  • Softens skin
  • Improve skin texture  
  • Improve skin elasticity 
  • Helps to repair the skin barrier 
  • Helps skin to heal faster 
  • Reduces inflammation 
At Koduah and Co skincare, we chose Baobab oil as one of our carrier due to it’s resiliency and skin benefits. You can find it in our Nala & Femi products. One use and it will keep you coming back for more!
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