5 Benefits of Body Oil

Meet Femi

Femi is one of our first loves here at Koduah & Co. Femi was developed & created based on the feelings we wanted our body oil to invoke. It was a toasty winter evening that the idea for our body oil hit us. Warmth! Femi has this lovely reaction where it begins to heat slightly as you rub into your skin. It was perfect for those chiller evening last winter!
What really makes Femi a star is our signature blends of scents. Our star blend Ylang Ylang + Grapefruit + Lavender + Eucalyptus + Geranium. We just enjoy the way the it comes together like a beautiful floral bouquet.
Femi is versatile! You get to enjoy this body oil all year around. It's light and absorbs right into your skin; which is helpful for the every day boss woman on the go! This summer we enjoyed using our body oil at the beach. We all love the ocean & longing in the sun most of the afternoon, but after a quick trip to the showers to get all that sand off, it's great way to re-moisture our skin with Femi!
  1. Natural oils are absorbed easily by the skin.
  2. Natural oils won't clog your pores & are generally suited for all sin types!
  3. Natural oils are packed with vitamins & nutrients that have the amazing ability to balance the skin.
  4. Natural oils do not require synthetic preservatives or binding agents.
  5. Natural oils have been used in skin care for generations all around the world!
Please remember to keep you body butters & body oils away from water. As you know water is life and if any gets into the product then you will have significantly shortened its shelf life.
We Recommend:
  • Storing all Femi Body Oils & Body Butters in a cool dry area where its is not likely to get wet.
  • Storing all Femi Body Oils & Body Butters away from the sun as heat can change the chemical structure damaging the integrity of the product.
  • Store your natural soap bar outside of the shower in a soap dish; ideally one with holes to let it dry. That is the simple trick to a long lasting natural soap bar!
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